Cover Letter to Treatment Plan Report

June 8, 2016

Dear Mr. Joyce,

I have prepared this Treatment Plan Report for you. It includes a Treatment Plan showing the medical treatments I am prescribing for you and a copy of the The Doctor Shopper. The Doctor Shopper displays: a list of doctors who can perform these treatments; your insurance benefit for each treatment; the recent prices of these doctors, their performance measures and qualifications; and the doctor I am recommending to treat you. It also features the Value Chart, which makes it easy for you to find the doctors who are offering the best treatment values. While you may go to any doctor you choose, the listed doctors have offices within a few miles of where you live.

Your insurer pays a fixed amount for your treatment. If your treatment costs more, you will be responsible for paying the balance, but if it costs less, your insurer will mail a check to your home for the full difference, so you should pay close attention to the prices.

DIAGNOSIS: My examination indicates that you have [.... This paragraph contains a "canned" explanation of the patient's diagnosis and proposed treatment. It is editable so that the Diagnostician can customize the information for the patient's particular situation.]

I have assigned a prognosis rating of 8.0 to your recovery prospects on a scale of zero to 10, where 10 is the most optimistic rating. The prognosis rating is a summary of the risk factors that are likely to affect your recovery. The receptionist can give you additional information on what the prognosis rating means in your particular case.

TREATMENT PLAN: The Treatment Plan on the next page shows my primary diagnosis in the upper right section. In the lower portion of the Treatment Plan, I list some codes and brief descriptions of the tests that I have performed to reach my diagnosis. Following these, I list the treatments I am recommending, which are to be performed by the doctor(s) of your choice. Finally, I list some medication that I am prescribing for you.

The Treatment Plan also tells how often you must have the treatments as well as the date by which these treatments must be completed; the codes are explained at the bottom of the page. The last column in the Treatment Plan shows what your insurance company will pay for each procedure. IMPORTANT: You will be responsible for the entire cost of treatments that are administered after the listed expiration date. If you are unable to meet the expiration date, you should request an extension from this office. Because it is extremely important for your recovery that you receive the treatments expeditiously, you may be charged a fee to extend the date. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you schedule appointments for these treatments just as soon as you can.

THE DOCTOR SHOPPER: The Doctor Shopper is your best source of information for several doctors who can administer the treatments you require. Pay special attention to the Value Chart. This chart makes it easy to identify the doctors offering the best treatment values for your money. It combines prices with doctor performance, as measured by our Outcomes Index. (The Outcomes Index shows how well patients with your illness and your prognosis rating have recovered when they were treated by these doctors. Be advised that while we believe the Outcomes Index is the best measure of patient outcomes, doctors could rank differently if a different measure were used.) If you do not understand how to read the Value Chart, please see the receptionist.

The cost of your treatment is listed both as a bundled price and as unbundled prices. The bundled price is a single price offered by doctors to do your complete treatment—a package deal. The important thing to know is that if you choose the bundled price, the doctor performing the treatment may determine the actual treatment procedures, and these may deviate from those in the Treatment Plan. Alternatively, you can request the doctor to perform the individual treatment procedures in the Treatment Plan. The choice is yours. However, unless you sign a form agreeing to the bundled option, you will be charged separately for the individual procedures in the treatment plan. You are encouraged to sign a written agreement with your provider regarding the cost and content of the treatment plan to which you are consenting.

The prices shown in The Doctor Shopper are those recently charged by the listed providers. Since these charges are subject to change, you may wish to verify the prices by calling the doctor's office before traveling there. However, prices in bold-face are guaranteed through the expiration date reported at the bottom of the column. Other important information is given in the NOTES.

PROVIDER QUALIFICATIONS: The back page of The Doctor Shopper lists various types of information for most or all of the doctors on your list. This information was supplied on a voluntary basis by these doctors, so the information may not be complete. The back page also shows a Rx Shopper, which lists the drugs that I have prescribed for you, where you may purchase them and their cost.

I believe that the information in The Doctor Shopper will help you find the best healthcare values; but it does not guarantee a particular outcome. Please read its NOTES for other information.

If you have any questions about this Treatment Plan Report, please feel free to consult my office staff.

Harvey M. Greene, M.D. Diagnostician

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